Pain roulé a la Créme D'olive!


لَسْتُ الأَفْضَلْ ولَكِنْ ... لِيَِ أُسْلوُبيَِ
سَأَظَلّ داَئِماً أَتَقَبّلُ رَآيَ الْنّآقِدْ وَالَحَآسِدْ
فَـ .. الأَوّلُ .. يُصَحّحُ مَسَآريِ
وَ .. الْثَآنِيِ .. يُزيِدُ مِنْ إِصْرَآرِيِ

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amira-eldjazair , le 02-09-2011 à 17:43:52 :

un grand bravo pour rosa

hello rosa

i like ur blog its very well done + many of ur teasty recipes  i wish u all the luck in the world keep doin the gd work no matter wot pple say always say to ur self u are the best nd the rest will me with a help of allah .i think ur recipes are gd i will try some of them in the futur so gd luck .u can take a review to my blog too if u like my blog is ;amira-eldjazair leave a comment if u wish too tyyyyyyyyyyyyy ever so 4ur blog i ve enjoyed viewin ur cakes nd biscuits

kikila, le 04-04-2011 à 10:36:58 :

macha Allah!!!

Kalaaaamoun jameel ya oukhtahou el 3aziza  la takhafi inaa Allaha ma3ana

Nancy*, le 03-04-2011 à 10:39:21 :


il est très appétissant ton pain,merci pour cette recette à essayer inchallah,bisous.

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